National Anthem And Patriotism

India was born in difficult circumstances. Hundreds and thousands left everything, and many sacrificed their lives for one common goal – freedom of India from foreign rule.

Even today soldiers sacrifice a lot to protect us. A soldier doesn’t just sacrifice his life for his country. He sacrifices his whole existence, his world.

On 30th november 2016, the Supreme court of India issued an interim order laying out seven directives to be followed marking respect for national anthem of India. This included requirement for all to stand whenever national anthem is played as well as the compulsory playing of national anthem at the cinema halls before screening. The directives were issued to instill a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism.

This judgement faced many criticism. Many people called it forced nationalism.

Now the esteemed court says “you don’t need to stand up at cinema hall to be a patriotic”.

As SC goes back and forth with its order, we wonder if such mandated display of patriotism compromise our freedom of expression.

We can give hundreds of reasons, that it is not the only way to portray patriotism or it violates right to privacy or right to speech and expression… Blah…blah…

Let’s forget the SC’s judgement on right to privacy. Isn’t it our moral as well as fundamental duty to respect our national anthem? Why ? why ?we always want to enjoy our rights to the fullest but are indifferent towards our duties ? Aren’t we attaching too much importance to our individual freedom than to our nation’s respect ? Can’t we stand for 52 seconds to show our love for the country?

How our nation has been fared over the last so many years is something we can not change but the future is in our hands.



Author: Akansha Gulati

Laws, Rights and Crimes

7 thoughts on “National Anthem And Patriotism”

  1. I’m not Indian nor do I live India, but this article still resonated with me. You make a good point about respect for the national anthem being a moral and fundamental duty for someone who desires rights and freedoms in their country. This same disrespect for the anthem exists in America, where football players take a knee when it plays. If one wants respect from their nation, they must first give respect. They must demonstrate a willingness to work with their country, to prepare the way for a better tomorrow.
    I wish India a Happy Republic Day as well!

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